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CORO is one of India's leading FoodTech Platform for Hyperlocal Market.

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About CORO

CORO is one of India's leading FoodTech Platform for Hyperlocal Market.

CORO is an innovative solution for anyone who wants to have tea, coffee & instant bites/meals from nearby merchants. Through CORO App anyone can access a list of items provided by nearby merchants who have partnered with CORO and can easily place an order with 3 simple steps.

Our concept has been validated, and we are already generating significant traction at our pilot site, which is a business park in the suburbs of Mumbai. Our aim is to expand this model to all such places in India.

Advantages of CORO App

    Find Nearby Merchant

    We help you to connect with nearby merchants in a single click


    No Commission

    We don't charge any commission from merchants so you get the same price mentioned on their menu card


    Easy Access to Menu

    No more calls asking “Bhaiya.. Menu me kya hai?!”. Access the complete menu & place your order in a single click


    Eat Now & Pay Later

    We have also enabled digital khata in this app so one can clear their dues on a monthly basis


    Quick Delivery

    Since Merchants are located nearby so you don't have to wait more for delivery. Take-away, Dining & Delivery options are also available



    All important updates related to your business park or nearby area are published under the 'Explore' section on a daily basis


How does it work?!

1. Register

Register yourself on the CORO app and choose your location by enabling location permission or by choosing manual.

2. Find Nearby Merchant

If any merchant who is associated with us is present in that respective area then the same will be listed under 'Nearby Merchant' section. By clicking on the merchant icon you will be able to view their complete menu items and can start selecting items of your choice.

3. Provide your delivery Address

On the cart page you will be asked to enter your delivery address. Once your association with the respective address is verified then you will be allowed to place your order without any validation and the same will be treated as verified address. Also, if you are not a verified user then also you can place an order for items and the same will be treated as unverified order and has certain validations from the merchant side.

4. Order Details & Track Order

All order related details will be shown under the 'History’ tab. Also, You will be able to track your orders and if you need any kind of help then that option is also provided.

5. Explore Section

In this tab you will be able to read about all important activities happening nearby.

6. Digital Khata

Under the khata section you will be able to see month wise pending dues from your respective merchants and status of the same will be changed on clearing that due amount.

Our Story

Dec 2019

In the year 2019 our founder Vineet Singh Kashyap met with an accident with our local chaiwala vendor as he was not able to deliver tea in our office on time. On the same day Vineet asked him about his concerns and decided to build a tech based platform for him so that chaiwala can manage his deliveries smoothly.

Mar 2020

As soon as Vineet started with the road map COVID-19 hit the global market and almost all offices got closed. But the problem of chaiwala was so real that in COVID times only Vineet started working on its planning.

May 2020

Vineet wanted to keep a simple but easy to recall brand name and one day he came across a very trending word ‘CORONA’ in COVID times and from that he planned to name this product as ‘CORO’ and gave tagline as ‘CORO se orderCORO na!’.

Aug 2020

When Vineet was working on this product he realised that this is a common problem for everyone who is going to the office on a daily basis and if they want to order anything along with tea/coffee then they don’t have any option by calling local merchants and asking to deliver product in their office.

Apr 2021

Considering all these factors we decided to focus on instant food delivery along with tea-coffee.

Dec 2021

In the month of Dec 2021 most of the offices got started and we were also ready with MVP version of Mobile App so started approaching nearby merchants to onboard them on our platform. But unfortunately considering the new concept no merchant has shown any interest in our product and we were not able to onboard any merchant by mid of Feb 2022.

Feb 2022

In the end of Feb 2022, without onboarding any merchant Vineet decided to start MVP by only focusing on dropship model to test the platform & genuinity of the problem.

Mar 2022

Considering the response we decided to start our own cafe in the month of March 2022 and named it cafeCORO.

Sep 2022

From the first day, we focused on quality food & quality service. And this has helped us to achieve our break-even within 6 months. CORO platform has helped us to achieve the same.

Nov 2022

Considering the advantages & scope of CORO platform in the month of Nov 2022 we decided to make it available for all other merchants who can also use our platform and grow their business.

Feb 2023

Happy to announce that within 3 months time we have done the required modification in our platform and made it live on 18th Feb 2023 for any merchants in India.

Nov 2023

Business Development & New feature addition, Payment Gateway Integrated & released with CORO 3.0

Mar 2024

In CORO 4.0 version we have released WebApp version of CORO App & designed special web portal for merchant keeping in mind that they can promote their own brand directly without any hesitation


CORO se orderCORO na!

CORO se orderCORO Na!

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